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Making a great art environment

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Pimp my Classroom: 8 ways to confuse the cleaner | T&L +.


Well worth checking out if you want some cool ideas for making your classroom really inspirational



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I came across this website the other day which i think is a great way to upload your students’ artwork where they can comment on each other’s work and it’s FREE!!




Teaching Creativity by Marvin Bartel

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I came across Marvin’s website at Goshen in the early 2000’s and I’ve never stopped reading it since! Marvin has inspired me to change my practice, be daring, creative and is responsible for a lot of what I do. Check out his page:



My Pinterest Boards

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Here are some boards I put together on Pinterest, please feel free to link to them

Contemporary Art

Fluxus Art


Pop Art Sculpture


Traditional Pop Art

Tate – Youtube site

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All teachers of art should have the Tate Youtube page in their browser favourites.


It’s a free link to contemporary art heaven!