New UK EBacc plans announced

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New EBacc plans announced

(I am blogging this email in its entirety in order to highlight my concerns)

The Government has announced their plans for a new school league table which excludes creative subjects.

The new English Baccalaureate (or ‘EBacc’) would become a headline league table for schools, and would also be given a bigger role in Ofsted inspections according to plans announced in a speech on Tuesday (3 November) by the Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan. The proposed plan is for at least 90% of pupils to take the EBacc, making it all but compulsory for many pupils.

This new EBacc requires pupils to study a minimum of seven GCSEs, but includes no creative subjects. This risks forcing art, dance, design, drama and music and other creative subjects out of schools.

Thanks to your support, people are beginning to hear about the Department for Education’s plans and about the impact this could have on the arts and creativity in schools.

The campaign has been covered in the Evening Standard, The Stage, Music Week and Design Week and we have received support from Alison Balsom, Robert Lindsay, Arlene Phillips CBE and many, many more high profile artists, actors, musicians and designers.

We now need to reach out to more people. We need to make sure as many people as possible sign-up to the campaign and get involved with the consultation.

Back in 2013 we persuaded the Government to change its plans and properly value the arts and if we work together, we can do it again.

We are only asking you to do one thing today: Please, tell your friends about the new proposals!

Together, we can once again help save creative subjects in schools.

Best wishes,

The Bacc for the Future campaign team

PS Don’t forget, it is easy for your friends to join the campaign today online at


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