Ideas in art

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I’m always critical of putting young art students through fake processes in order to pass a GCSE. The four assessment objective routine can’t end soon enough for me as I hate forcing students to backfill coursework artificially. Boys know this and that’s why they drop art like a stone. They want to get on and create interesting stuff but we say “No, you have to develop your ideas further, you need a nice introduction page, an analysis, artist links etc’
It’s so bad!!! I feel sorry for them. We have to change this attitude. Looking at Grayson Perry’s sketchbook for his Vanities of Small Differences makes me see that it doesn’t have to be like this. Real artists work much more concisely and spontaneously, so you should encourage your students to do the same.
Do away with title pages, analysis and reams of ideas sheets. Instead, offer your disenfranchised students the opportunity to sketch out their idea, plan out how they’ll make it then tell them to get on and do it on the proviso that they must take photos at each stage of making. Get them to agree that they have to stick with it even if it proves hard to do and that they might have to make it a few times.
You should find an entirely different set of challenges, but one if them won’t be bored students messing around in your lesson!
AND with a bit of smart planning you can still hit those assessment objectives.

20140121-040848 pm.jpg

20140121-040913 pm.jpg

20140121-040929 pm.jpg


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